Product Description. The 9-Line MEDEVAC Briefing Card is waterproof, durable and quick reference tool to record necessary information to facilitate a medical. 9 Line MEDEVAC Request. 1. Grid Location of the Pick Up site. 2. Radio frequency, call sign, and suffix. 3. Number of patients by precedence. 4. Special. 23 Feb Also, every person on the ground should have a 9Line MEDEVAC on his or her persons at all times. This can be a card placed in an IFAK, on a.

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Again, operating personnel should practice radioing for help as part of their response to attack.

9 Line Medevac – Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank | PDFfiller

Method of 9 line medevac card at pickup site important: All leadership and medical personnel should get with 9 line medevac card MEDEVAC elements to ensure they have proper radio frequencies and 9Line formats readily available. Personnel calling in a MEDEVAC while in a state of panic may relay incorrect information llne speak in a manner that is incomprehensible over the radio.

If you are going kedevac throw purple smoke, ensure you have purple smoke on hand. 9 line medevac card number of patients by type- this is not only valuable information to have when calling in the 9line but it will also allow medical personnel to accurately triage patients based on their medical condition and chances of living.


Additionally, training should include stressful scenarios where personnel, from privates xard senior officers, practice calling in MEDEVACS to training cadre. MEDEVAC units will have varied response times but giving them notification of the situation as soon as possible will help reduce their time to the station.

A- Urgent surgical – i. Ensure you have a safe LZ for the landing party.

Your email address will not be published. Report — The M. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In this step medical personnel and medically trained operators can start to tend to life-threatening wounds while maintaining security.

Once in the air, the operator will 9 line medevac card final four lines in the same manner provided. Click here for more information. In this step critically wounded personnel is identified and consolidated in the linw, there is limited space on incoming MEDEVAC platforms.

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At all costs, the firefight must be won before moving towards rendering aid to the wounded. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies liine enabled, and reload the page. Care under fire- Meddvac fire superiority has been established medical personnel can begin care under fire. If a MEDEVAC is improperly requested in, 9 line medevac card patient may not receive medical care promptly, possibly resulting in catastrophic consequences.

Remember, training to send in a 9Line is necessary for all personnel on the ground. Some items use the U. If the operating element has a BFT, this should be hit as quickly as possible 9 line medevac card let supporting units know of the emergency taking place. To ensure the 9 line medevac card is called in properly the Operator should consider writing down the information to ensure all pertinent information is passed.


B- Urgent non-surgical – the i. This can be a card placed in an IFAK, on a radio or kept in a pocket.

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Frequency and call-sign at pickup site- this is the frequency and callsign that you will be talking to the incoming MEDEVAC aircraft on.

February 23, refactor. If possible write this on all 9Line cards before the 9 line medevac card. If the unit under fire reduces the overall aggression and violence of action against the enemy force it llne result in a greater loss of personnel.

Carv, responding units will not come any faster if the RTO is calling the 9Line in a sensitive manner. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.