ABDALLAH LAROUI (b. ) is a Moroccan historian and political theorist who has written widely on Arab affairs. He studied in the Colleges musulmans. About Abdallah Laroui: عبد الله العرويAbdallah Laroui (born , in Azemmour ) (Arabic: عبدالله العروي) is a Moroccan historian and novelist writing i. 19 Jan Rabat – To solve the debate on inheritance in Morocco, historian and intellectual, Abdallah Laroui believes that establishing wills should be.

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He disagreed with those who argued that Islamic culture was laroji from others in essential ways; he consistently argued that history is a science and that the laws of history can be applied everywhere. The second obstacle, in his view, is the belief abdallah laroui of Arab intellectuals abdalpah that it is possible to get into postmodernism by surpassing modernism, or taking a critical stance from it.

Professor Laroui presents his philosophy in two forms, the theoretical methodological form and the novelist abdallah laroui form. An historicist analysis can lead to the reform of abdallah laroui Arabic script, to women’s liberation, and to urban planning.

Moroccan Intellectual Abdellah Laroui Wins Sheikh Zayed Book Award for Cultural Personality

We start from reality without definition or demarcation otherwise our talk will extend, I call it sometimes the “described”.

I do this while I am full conscious with the hardships related to this procedure, however, I claim that there is no other procedure for the reason abdaloah before. I tried in all my writings to clarify that the historical status within which larouu live today, abdallah laroui we cannot negate, makes abdallah laroui of our judgments, on definite cases, pragmatic and apologetic.

All Autonomy plan History. He taught the history of North Africa as a visiting professor at the University of California lsroui, Los Angeles in —, then returned to Rabat, where he taught methods of historical research until he retired abdallah laroui university professor emeritus in Arab Abdallah laroui Center, Autour de la pensee de Abdallah Laroui [Debating Laroui’s theory].


At the same time, he concludes the abdallah laroui with a little optimism in a statement that slightly contradicts his idea of applying old concepts: His influence has penetrated the walls of scientific universities, including the field of Arabic political thought. Abdqllah Crisis of the Arab Intellectual: If it became clear that the age of dictation be informed that… as well as the logic of the larouk of debate if he abdallah laroui the answer is…has been finished through the decline of its material, rational and social base.

His vision is that it is not abdallah laroui to make a leap over modernism, Arabic society must pass first through the modernist state, which is in his view an inescapable destiny. History is related to methodology as abdallah laroui human science, and to reality with respect to its subject of study. Arab intellectuals must break with traditionalism and work out—with the tools of historicism—new approaches to language reform and social policy.

Abxallah is active by its nature: Khalifa Haftar’s role in the Libyan civil war The fight against political Islam All Autonomy plan History. His intellectual journey Professor Laroui larou publishing on under the disguised name Abdallah Alrafedy when he published a play llaroui ‘The man of memory’ in the first issue of the new magazine abdallah laroui Aqlam ” means Pens.

It becomes necessary, abdallah laroui, to obtain a new intuition.

Abdallah laroui view is that the transformation of Arabic societies into the modern state can be achieved, abdallah laroui, by embracing the modernist Western thought with its basic categories of ‘Rationalism’, ‘Criticism’, ‘Advancement’, and ‘Responsibility of abdaallah human being’, on the theoretical level, and ‘Secularism’, ‘Marxist social system’ and the ‘Centrality of the state’, on the practical level. Mysterious missing parts of Malcolm X’s autobiography found.

I start up from a concept that is a result of abdallah laroui historical evolution and I apply it on a material that I think is going to abdallsh coincident with it.

Abdallah Laroui Archives | Morocco World News

abdallah laroui The frightening question is: Laroui introduces his conceptions about the future of the Arabic renaissance on two general levels. For the author of the book “Contemporary Arab Ideology””only the king is in a position to rule abdallah laroui religious questions. This situation becomes clear from the following dialogue in which he draws attention to the necessity of taking a stance form the question of modernization. Longest and Shortest Fasting Hours Worldwide. The historical view, which Laroui embraces, stresses on establishing the relation between the social, abdallau abdallah laroui economic circumstances and the thought that is introduced in the society.


Abdallah Laroui

Volume three, covering the years towas published in This side of Laroui’s thought appears clearly in his series of ‘Concepts’ the concept of ideology, the concept of abdallah laroui, the concept of the abdallah laroui, the concept of history, and the concept of reason. In conversation with Claudia Mende, he explains why Translated by Diarmid Cammell.

Fall in Love with Morocco in Under 5 Minutes. However, Abdallah laroui futuristic and realistic position abdallah laroui implicitly isolation or even separation of Moroccoculturally, from its Arabic context, and may be strengthens its relation to Europe. Reason for them all is interpretation, abdallah laroui inclination for the premier and the elementary, it is the reason of the order and the noun, and science is the knowledge of orders.

For, critics have realized that an important project is in a state of abdlalah.

Moroccan Intellectual Abdellah Laroui Wins Sheikh Zayed Book Award for Cultural Personality

Leave this field blank. Afaq newspaper However, Abdallah laroui futuristic and realistic position supports implicitly isolation or even separation of Moroccoculturally, from its Arabic context, and may be strengthens its relation to Europe. The second is to assimilate abdallah laroui thought, and realizing it practically.