Annotations to Finnegans Wake has ratings and 15 reviews. Geoff said: Essential. I could not imagine a reading of the Wake without McHugh on the desk . Finnegans Wake by James Joyce with Annotated Text. Long considered the essential guide to Joyce’s famously difficult work, Roland McHugh’s Annotations to “Finnegans Wake” provides both novice readers and.

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Apr 23, Barnaby Thieme rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Scripture says Adam digg’d.

Like Campbell, Tindall will walk you chapter-by-chapter through the book—and do so with a clarity, honesty and good humor that other scholars might do well to emulate. English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh.

Annotated Finnegans Wake (with Wakepedia)

Gregory Brack rated it it was amazing Nov 26, Churches in Dublin Cain, Abel, and Seth [ fweet ] motif: Absolutely essential to making local sense of the book. The Adventurer’s Guide to Finnegans Wake. Joyce’s cycle of rising and falling often refers to its hero as a builder Joyce’s versions: But the astuteness of the author and the brilliance of his synthesis make this an essential book for those grappling with Finnegans Wake.

So let’s seth off”.

True, Campbell’s interpretation has been superseded by later scholars, who differ with some of his views, and have supplemented others. Long considered the essential guide to Joyce’s famously difficult work, Roland McHugh’s Annotations to “Finnegans Wake” provides both novice readers and seasoned Joyceans with a wealth of information in an easy-to-use format uniquely suited to this densely layered text.


Annotated Finnegans Wake (with Wakepedia)

Angelic Wisdom Concerning the Divine Love paragraph It remains to be seen how these topic pages should be indexed. May 12, Neil rated it it was amazing. Joseph Campbell accused Wilder of stealing his story from Finnegans Wake —perhaps an unfair accusation and especially puzzling coming from Campbell, who made a significant borrowing from Joyce for anbotations own bestselling The Hero with a Thousand Faces.

While it definitely didn’t answer all of my questions, it gave me a good starting point for a lot of them. As McHugh explains in the preface, “the reader examining any of Joyce’s pages simply holds the Annotations page alongside it wnnotations examines the area corresponding to the passage” vi. No, it isn’t a proper annotation in that when Joyce finnegans references to various things, McHugh only tells you what he is referencing, but generally nothing about what is referenced, meaning it’s on you to look up that information if you desire.

Check out our sister sites: Jun 30, Lane Wilkinson rated it really liked it Shelves: This must have been that dude. Adam and Eve’s is the smaller blue dome on the right. His accounts of each chapter are not synopses, such as Campbell offers, but are astute commentaries, filled with facts, hints, ideas and conjectures.

Selected pages Title Page. A great help for identifying some of Joyce’s sources. It is too partisan, both in its advocacy of Bishop’s agenda and its unwillingness to admit any criticisms of Joyce’s work.


Nov 20, Ed Smiley added it. I do have my reservations about this book —it is filled with some of the most cumbersome sentences I’ve ever read in true Joycean fashionand annotatipns repetitions sometimes seem like padding. Yes, the book has flaws. A lot of this can be done pretty mindlessly during otherwise wasted time.

Annotations to Finnegans Wake by Roland McHugh

Rob rated it it was amazing Jun 17, Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Of all the Finnegqns, he is the one who comes closest to matching Joyce pun for pun, joke for joke, and in a field that is littered with dense, foreboding academic jargon, Tindall achieved the almost impossible: Tim Finigan lived in Walker street, Joyce’s versions: Sep 04, Xanthy rated it really liked it.

Poole anontations sung by Tony Pastor [ origins ] Air: Tindall taught at Columbia University for 40 years, and he began lecturing on Joyce back in the s when Ulysses was still banned in the United States.