Sjoelen. De spelregels: sjoelen wordt gespeeld met houten schijven op een houten sjoelbak met aan weerszijden twee opstaande randen en aan het eind van. Download the Backgammon rules, read about tips, tricks, strategies and fun facts to win your next game! Defaq answers all your Frequently Asked Questions.

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However, you must not roll the dice while the opponent is still making his move. The backgame is generally used only to salvage a game backgammon spelregels a player is already significantly behind. Backgammon for Serious Players Backgammon spelregels ed. The first player clicks on the board and rolls two dice.

When a player’s checker lands on backgammon spelregels point occupied by a single checker belonging to the opponent, the opponent’s checker is hit and placed on the bar. Only if the match option is selected, it is possible to use the following spelrefels options: Such a move backgammon spelregels greatly to the risk of having to face the doubling cube coming back at 8 times its original value when first doubling the opponent offered at 2 points, counter offered at 16 points should the luck of the dice change.

The player accepting the doubling is allowed to suggest another doubling, so-called backgammon spelregels. Other suggestions of doubling may lead to multiplying the result 64 times.

The artifacts include two dice and 60 checkers, and the backgammon spelregels is believed to be to years older than the Royal Game of Ur. It was common in tournament play in the s but is now rarely used. Like chessbackgammon has been studied with great backgammon spelregels by computer scientists.

The game starts with each player rolling one die.


If the points are blocked by the opponent’s checkers, a move cannot be performed; it is necessary to wait until any point in the inner table is vacant or until the number of points which is rolled on dice allows to place a checker on a vacancy in backgammon spelregels inner table. He describes an encounter backgammon spelregels Burzoe spslregels a Raja visiting from India.


Backgammon is one of the oldest known board games. InEmmet Keeler and Joel Spencer considered the question of when to double or accept a double using backgmmon backgammon spelregels version of backgammon. There is no backgammon spelregels game. Some surviving artworks are ” Cardsharps ” by Caravaggio the backgammon board is in the lower left and ” The Triumph of Death ” by Pieter Bruegel the Elder the backgammon board is in the lower right. It is also the name used for various games played on a backgammon board.

A game which starts with all fifteen checkers placed in backgammon spelregels line-on point and on point.

There are two games of nardi commonly played:. PlakotoFevga and Portes spleregels backgammon spelregels versions of backgammon played in Greece. Quiz onlineinformatie over waar en hoe quizen online voor geld gespeeld spelregells worden. Backgammon clubs may also organize vackgammon. Backgammon playing pieces are known variously as checkers, backgammonstones, men, counterspawns, discs, pips, chips, or nips.

The opponent retains the doubling cube. On the board found at Shahr-e Sukhteh the fields are backgammon spelregels by the coils of a snake. Cigarette, liquor and car companies began to sponsor backgammon spelregels and Hugh Hefner held backgammon parties at the Playboy Mansion. Bearing off is also in accordance with the number of points on the dice rolled.

The first world championship competition backgammon spelregels backgammon was held in Las Vegas spepregels, Nevada in Some players may opt to invoke The Murphy rule or the “automatic double rule”. The two players backgammon spelregels their checkers in opposing directions, from the point towards the 1-point.


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Backgammon is popular among Greeks. Using the Crawford rule in the game means that if the match is played up to the specific number of points and the opponent lacks only 1 bwckgammon, backgammon spelregels or she is not allowed to use the doubling cube in the next game. The players then take alternate turns, rolling two dice at the beginning backgam,on each turn.

Players often use mental calculation backgammon spelregels to determine pip counts in live play. It may also land on a point occupied backgammon spelregels exactly one opposing checker, or “blot”. A variant of the doubling cube “beaver” is the ” raccoon “. The point is blocked.

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Race board games involving dice have existed for millennia in the Near East and eastern Mediterranean, including the game senet of Ancient Egypt. For example, zpelregels roll of allows the player to make four moves of five spaces each. A checker may never land on a point occupied by two or more opposing checkers; thus, no point is ever occupied by checkers from both players simultaneously. The Jacoby rule allows gammons and backgammons to count for their respective backgammon spelregels backgammonn triple values only if the backgammon spelregels has already been offered and backgammon spelregels.

Starting in Januarytournament directors began awarding GammonPoints, [34] a free points registry for tournament directors and players, with GammonPoint awards based backgammon spelregels the number of players and strength of field.