31 Oct Buddipole in the Field book by B. Scott Anderson, NE1RD product reviews by real people like you. Only at – is a Web site. 28 Sep This is a great US$15 value! Only downside I can see so far is that after reading it you come out with a new wishlist of Buddipole accessories. BUDDIPOLE IN THE Read more about antenna, buddipole, vertical, coil, element and dipole.

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Read all the steps first prior to performing them. Buddipole on the beach at Shoalwater, VK6. Its important when they are low to the ground on the 10 or 18 foot pole that they are off fiield fed, i.

‘Buddipole in the Field’ by Scott NE1RD

The only thing I would say is go ahead buddipole in the field get the longer whips…they make tuning the Buddipole so much easier in the horizontal dipole config. My review contains both listing some pros and cons of the book itself, as well as some suggestions on using the antenna itself. This is the Buddipole vertical antenna made specifically for 20 meters.

Based on the lowest VSWR outside of the 20m band, the buddiipole of the counterpoise was reduced slightly and the measurement run again. So to move the resonant frequency higheryou have to shorten byddipole counterpoise elements by 3. Do yourself a favour and familiarise yourself with the settings to use buddipole in the field Buddipole as a vertical which you will find via the resources I listed earlier. Buddipole in the field you downloaded the Buddipole in the Field manual that I referenced in my post?

I get different opinions. What I need are good horizontal orientation Buddipole instructions. This is the info iv been looking for on the buddipole.

Getting Started With Your Buddipole

I have lots of notes on my QRZ page. I feel it is good for prospective owners to get a feel of what to expect with their new purchase and your experiences show that it takes time to get up and running with the Buddipole. My Subscriptions Subscriptions Help. The Optimal Buddipole can be rolled up onto a cable spool that is found at your local Lowe’s or Home Depot. Could you tell me where buddipole in the field found this little buddipole in the field I will try the configuration in the book and let you know how it goes via Facebook.


I just like books better that have full color photographs and charts.

Thanks for the link to the book Michel, I’ve just downloaded it. Jose, I wonder if you managed to figure out your impedance matching issues? I had no problem getting the antenna to resonant over the entire band that was an easy impedance match buddipole in the field my transceiver.

Bad cable or connector or something? And the one I prefer, are the vertical for the lower angle of radiation. This is where the traditional ham creativity comes in. It is commonly used to roll up power extension cords. Double feed lines can be brought down the mast or a small relay can be used to select between the two antenna – your choice.

Still, he tries to go over everything and stay current. The trick with my set-up was to get the longer whips. I run the horizontal dipole config. Below 20m, it requires a coil. This was because the instructions that came with the antenna were focused on the horizontal dipole configuration and did not cover other options.

I found buddipole in the field group extremely helpful when getting started with my Buddipole and wanted to ensure that you got buddipole in the field mention there.

It should be noted that if you are putting extra lengths in-line, I would suggest putting the coil toward the middle of the buddipole in the field. Due to the number of variances in location where the antenna is installed, the lengths of the wire may buddipole in the field to be adjusted slightly from dimensions given.

Attach the Versa-Tee to the top of the mast. For best pattern performance for pattern symmetry, try to have the 2 counterpoise elements at opposite sides of the antenna. As an example, if the lowest SWR is found to be I use a little Dacron line threaded through the 4 holes in the Versa-Tee.

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This book, written by a Buddipole expert, is recommended to increase ones understanding of the Buddipole and Buddistick.

‘Buddipole in the Field’ by Scott NE1RD – vk2rh

I have only used my Buddipole as a Buddistick so far. I bought the extra long whips to be able to buddipole in the field 40 meters better and better is what it does at that lower freq.

Use the strap that is wrapped around the balun to secure it to the mast just below the Versa-Tee. Any thoughts, opinions, recommendations??? The wire tensile strength is lbs.

Then connect the two wires together again as the counterpoise and attach the vertical element to the center of the coax cable. Once folded back, UV resistant tie-wraps are used to secure the wire to buddipole in the field keeping the chosen length constant.

Other than these comments, I like the book and feel that it would be a valuable addition to your library. I have found the Buddipole an immense disappointment! I found it extremely valuable to put together buddipole in the field table using my word processor which provides me with information on the different coil taps and counterpoise wire lengths.

Everything is black and white. You made an interesting suggestion regarding water pipes but Budvipole campsites are not quite as well appointed as those in NA and we’ve buddioole had a pitch with its own tap!!

Jose B Rivera says: I decided I wanted a bookshelf copy. By far the best tool I have in my collection is the iP60z analyzer. It is part of our go kit.