Spelregels van hartenjagen, handleiding van Hartenjagen, alles over het kaartspel Spelregels van canasta, handleiding van canasta, alles over het kaartspel. Spelregels van Klootzakken, handleiding van Klootzakken, alles over het kaartspel Spelregels van canasta, handleiding van canasta, alles over het kaartspel. 1 Apr Canasta spelregels. Author: Rayna Adelina Country: Iran Language: English ( Spanish) Genre: Education Published (Last): 21 January

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The objective of the game is to score points for melds, which are sets of cards canasta spelregels you display face up on the table. Samba is a variation in which it canasts possible to meld cards in sequence in a suit as well as sets of equal cards. Sequences can be extended to a maximum of seven canasta spelregels a complete sequence of seven cards is called a samba.

Since a special hand cannot canasat cards taken from the discard pile this does not canasta spelregels dead cards from being safe to discard. Mail ons Nieuwsbrief Aanbiedingen Nieuwe producten Meest verkocht.

Deal When there are 2, 3, 4, or 5 players, 15 spelregel are dealt to each player. Scoring When a player goes out, each team scores plus the total value of the individual cards it has melded, minus the value of the cards left in their hands, plus any of the following bonuses that canasta spelregels It often happens that the end of the stock is reached before anyone has gone out. Threes cannot be canastq in canasta spelregels normal way.

If you have been holding a three in your hand and decide you no longer wish to keep it, then during your turn you may lay the three face up in your team’s meld area and draw a replacement card from the stock. Pennies from Heaven is a variation related canasta spelregels Hand canasta spelregels Foot, in which to go out canasta spelregels need a natural canasta, a mixed canasta, a wild card canasta and a canasta of sevens. Some groups score threes remaining in the hand of a player at the end of the game as though they had been placed on the table, so for a team that has not melded they bring a penalty canasta spelregels points or more, rather than just 5.

A pure canasta spelregels of fewer than seven aces incurs a penalty at the end of the play. If a player draws a red three as the last card of the stock, the canasta spelregels three is placed face up as usual and then, since there is no replacement card that can be drawn from the stock, the play immediately ends.


Canasta Spelregels

Instead of drawing two cards from the stock, you may draw from the discard pile in two situations:. Probably many players still play by the older rule that after the initial meld canasta spelregels cards can be used freely, the only restrictions being that. No card is turned face up to start a canasta spelregels pile – the play begins with the discard pile empty. To canasta spelregels the game by going outyour team must have melded at least two sambas or two canastas or one of each.

Other canasta spelregels form a stock pile. If your team starts a meld of wild cards, you cannot canasta spelregels any wild cards to any of your other melds until your wild card canasta is complete.

It is legal to complete the required canasta and go out on the same turn. speoregels

If it includes one or more wild cards it is called a mixed or dirty or black canasta; it is squared up canasta spelregels a natural black card on top, or one canasta spelregels the wild cards canasta spelregels it is placed at right-angles, to show that it is mixed.

If you do not yet have the canasta spelregels sambas or canastas, you must play in such a way as to retain at least one card in your hand. Note that a special hand may include cards matching a closed complete canasta melded by the opposing team – i.

If any wild cards are added to a previously pure red canasta, it thereby becomes mixed black.

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However, if the opponents have not yet melded, they must still meet the requirement in order to begin melding. A meld of aces begun after your team has put down its initial meld cannot include any wild cards. There are six possible elements to this score, and the way they are combined depends on canasta spelregels many canastas the team has completed.

A meld of seven or more cards canasta spelregels as a canasta. If it is allowed, a meld of eight canasta spelregels more cards is still regarded as a canasta. Toon 24 48 96 Alle per pagina. When you are lucky enough to canasta spelregels melded all 6 red threes or you and your partner together in a 4 or 6 game you receive a bonus of points instead of points.


The undealt cards are placed face down in the centre to form a draw pile. Each turn must be canasta spelregels by discarding one card face-up on top of the discard canasta spelregels. When there are four players you and your partners are placed opposite at the table.

Melds can grow as large as you wish.

For each partnership, the first turn pselregels a hand when they put down one or more melds is called their initial meld. This page is maintained by Canasta spelregels McLeod john pagat. Wild cards can be used to substitute for some of the cards of a group, with the following restrictions: Some players do allow a team to start a meld of the same rank as a canasta completed by the opponents. The minimum depends on your team’s score to date: The main goal of the game is to have the highest score possible and being able to get rid of all your cards.

A meld of seven cards is called a canasta. Threes in hand count 5 points each against the team when scoring. Normally the player to dealer’s right also acts as scorekeeper for the hand.

The version of Malcolm Bain’s shareware classic Canasta program for Windows, with a new graphic interface, stronger computer opponents and other improvements, is available from Games Galore. The partners combine spelergels melds, but not their red threes, and at the end of the hand epelregels amount scored by the partnership for cards and canastas is added to both partners’ cumulative scores, but each partner scores their own red threes. The canasta spelregels begins with the player to dealer’s left and continues clockwise.

There canasta spelregels several ways for six canasta spelregels to play canasta. During the game, a player who draws canasta spelregels turn card must announce it so that all players know that there are just 8 cards remaining in the draw pile – canasta spelregels “bottom 8”.

Thus the number of cards canasta spelregels you hand thus canasta spelregels steadily. Typically, a partnership will have several melds, each canasta spelregels a different rank.