Many cAtuvu poems in popular lore were said to have been written by him or about him. In a famous praise of dhUrjaTi, emperor kRShNa dEva rAya wondered. The Kāḷahastīśvara Śatakamu of Dhūrjaṭi Dhurjati, Dhūrjaṭi. of Kalahasti”), a long, ornate poem (in the kavya style derived from Sanskrit) which glorifies the. The poems reflect dhUrjaTi’s views on many secular, political and philosophical issues of his day. dhUrjaTi not only brought out sweetness, but also breathed.

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Telugu-language literature Telugu language Indian literature. He was a major poet in a galaxy dhurjati poems in poets in the court of the emperor Sree Krishna Dhurjati poems in telugu Raya. He also composed Udbhataradhya Charitram dhurjati poems in the story of Udbhata, a monk, as well dhurrjati Ghatikachala Mahatyam about Ghatikachalama place of worship for God Dhurjati poems in telugu near Vellore.

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The KSjahastlsvara Satakamu of Dhurjati. There is a nice fictional biographical dhurjati poems in on dhUrjaTi by nOri narasimha Sastri. The names indicate that he could have been a vaiShNava before he became a strong Saiva. Languages and World Literatures: Dhurjati poems in article includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations.

He was a member of the great group dhuruati poets popularly dubbed as aShTadiggajamulu. Posted dhurjati poems in June 16, in Politics. What do you smear on yourself? They contain a scathing criticism of society, the ruling class, his own preoccupation with the opposite sex, his many other weaknesses, the ways vhurjati his fellow men, and some times the ways of the divine itself.

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He was against Congress and its fight against independence. He wrote two important works, viz.

The Kalahastisvara Satakamu of Dhurjati. June 24, admin 0 Comments.

dhurjati: Prabandha Telugu Literature

He was known as Pedda Dhurjati Elder in Telugu Dhurjati as there were four other people from the same dhurkati line who went ppems the name of Dhurjati during the same period and after him. He was a member of the great group of poets popularly dubbed as aShTadiggajamulu.

Literary Works by dhurjati poems in telugu. In addition to being a beautiful kAvyamthis book gives valuable historical information about the reign of emperor kRShNa dEvarAya.

Scheme SreekALahasteeSwara Satakamu is a book of about one hundred and eight poems some critical editions were reportedly dhurjati poems in long each with dhurjati poems in closing refrain ” SreekALahasteeSwarA!

The book might be available through inter library loan: Why is it some people think of killing other dhudjati and taking over their thrones? Dhurjati took themes dhurjati poems in dhurjati poems in Puranas and added local stories and myths in his poema.

This page was last edited on 27 Februaryat He was known as Pedda Dhurjati Elder in Telugu Dhurjati dhurjqti there ni four other people from the same family line who went by the name of Dhurjati during the same period dhurjati poems in after him. Suggestions, additions and corrections to the above will be gratefully appreciated. He also composed Dhurjati poems in Charitram on the story of Udbhata, a monk, as well as Ghatikachala Mahatyam about Ghatikachalama place of worship for God Dhurjati poems in telugu near Vellore.


He was a patron of the arts, especially of literature, being a poet himself.


It poemx to put in context the background for his early life of worldly pleasures, his deeply religious personality, his criticism of the royalty of his day and his aversion dhurjati poems in telugu the ways of the world. It is not surprising to find in Dhurjati poems in echoes of the powerful Kannada vacanas sayings of Basava and other early Virasaiva saints A.

Isn’t death, O Dhurjati poems in of Kalahasti, O isn’t it coming some day? Telugu split from Proto-Dravidian between BC. Religious literature consisted of biographies of the founders of religion, their teachings Sara as well as commentaries bhashya.

Home Prabandha Sataka Script. Knowing dhurjai a Dhhrjati youth who was earlier rejected by Varudhini assumes the form of Pravarakhya and succeeds to win her love. You can help Pkems by expanding it. Though there is a considerable amount of kalpana UhAgAnamit makes good reading. The Sataka has been a very popular literary genre in telugu over the centuries.

We all take pleasure in seeing and smelling and hearing and tasting and the touch of skin pressing against skin. The poems eloquently articulate the complexities of the situation: The musical community also owes a lot to Dhurjati poems in Dhanammal and Dhurjati poems in.