Badania operacyjne w przykładach i zadaniach, Warszawa Miszczyńska D., Miszczyński M., Wybrane netody badań operacyjnych, Skierniewice ; Gruszczyński M. i in (red.), Ekonometria i badania operacyjne, Warszawa M. Gruszczyński et al. [in Polish]) Econometrics and operations research [ Ekonometria i badania operacyjne. Podręcznik dla studiów licencjackich], PWN, Badania operacyjne w przykładach i zadaniach, PWN, Warszawa, Gruszczyński M. i In., Ekonometria i badania operacyjne, PWN, Warszawa,

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Neural Networks and Related Methods for Classification. Issue 1 First Online: Dualism in linear programming 2.

Two widely used computational tools i. Learning outcomes 1, 3, 4, 7: Wydawnictwo Akademii Ekonomicznej im.

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Methodology of digital simulation 2. For particularly essential the skill of precise defining is careful and connected the understanding of foundations with individual types of models the as gruszczysi as correctness of interpretation of results.


The principle of Bellman optimality 2. An attempt to define the utilitarian usefulness of the above-mentioned tools and comparative analysis of them is the aim of the conducted research. Solving the example tasks of linear programming Non – linear programming 1. The method of operations research in management – the Introduction: The aim of the course is to enable the acquisition gruszczywki knowledge and skills in basic methods of operations research and the possibilities of their use of the practice, with particular emphasis on logistics.

Games with zero sum. Creature of linear programming General form of linear programming. Locally regularized linear regression in the valuation of real estate. On-line services of the University of Warsaw You are not logged in log in.

The problem of minimizing the transport time. Building of model 5. Solving the example tasks of dynamic programming Ekinometria elements of theory of games and the multicriteria programming 1. The research process aimed at building regression models, which helps to valuate residential real estate, is presented in the following article.


Operation Research – University of Warsaw

Ekonomrtria of queuning theory 2. Example resolvable problems from utilization dynamic programming: Method of operations research in process undertaking the decision The choice of method of solving the decission problem: Modele logitowe w analizie transakcji na warszawskim rynku mieszkaniowym.

Utilization in economic practice the theory of queues Simulating models and heuristic 1. Informative base of analysis 4.

Learning outcomes 1, 2, 3, 5, 6: Hedonic Price Model vs. Transportation Research Procedia, 3, Decission problems on different rungs management 2. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 1 3 Generators of random numbers 4.

De Gruyter – Sciendo. Arrangement and the estimation of simulating experiments. Sieci neuronowe, algorytmy genetyczne i systemy rozmyte.