Desktop. GigaTrust Intelligent Rights Management™ solutions extend and enhance Microsoft’s Rights Management Services (RMS)— enabling secure. GigaTrust Desktop Client Control access to your data using Microsoft Rights Management Services- even when sending a PDF, JPG or other non-Office file. GigaTrust Desktop Client blocks over screen capture/remote sharing programs from being launched with its blacklist support for Risk Management System.

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What are your future plans for GigaTrust? We sell to Microsoft-centric companies, but we do not compete with Microsoft — we are Microsoft partners.

Having said that, there are certain verticals that naturally have a greater need, such as: GigaTrust Desktop Client works with the following file extensions: He is responsible for managing, editing, and developing high quality interviews with security professionals. With GigaTrust Desktop Client, administrators can establish rules that automatically apply policies, track users and documents through the reporting function and revoke access instantly if a file is delivered into the wrong hands.

This company also eesktop public. We take this approach because we learned that there are two main scenarios for security problems inside an enterprise:. Mark O’Shea 0 Comments.


I left there in to begin my entrepreneurial trek. Hackers come in — Enterprises assume that they will be hacked and the data is subsequently breached, despite their best efforts at prevention and detection. Please tell me a little bit about yourself and your background. Colortrac Award Winning Scanners. Our two main sources of leads and new customers are Microsoft and security industry events.

GigaTrust Launches New RMS Desktop PDF Client for Adobe with

Forge DevCon Keynote Autodesk. I took the company public and then sold it. We have highly recognized customers all over the world and they typically have a minimum of several thousand employees. Supports viewing and editing protected documents.

Requirement #3 for Azure Rights Management: Client Devices

Subscribers can apply and have security permissions or “rights” enforced down to the content level on their emails and attachments. You are commenting using your WordPress. GigaTrust’s family of products and services is easy to use and easy to deploy for either the author or recipient of protected content.

OWA for Android now available on select devices. February 6, Author: We are also working on a solution for the social media market. Companies are investing a lot of money in a plethora of solutions to try to cover many different user cases. Supports viewing protected content.

GigaTrust – Keeping Your Emails and Documents Safe

On the other end, there is a set of server-side tools for administrators to set rules and policies, monitor what is going on, and verify proper document protection. Unfortunately, it is still like the wild west and this is probably the biggest issue for IT departments today. This content cannot be opened from Outlook Web Access.


Information remains secure-both online and offline. This page isn’t yet translated into. Comparison table of actions that GigaTrust Desktop Client can perform with its associated file type beta This table might not contain all possible associated or supported file types or may contain incorrect data. Was this article helpful? The GigaTrust Desktop Client is the first and only solution that both enables customers to protect, view and share PDFs directly in Adobe Reader or Acrobat and provides comprehensive reporting, auditing and compliance for all security related RMS transactions.

Enter any file extension desktp dot e. Reports are provided in real-time about user activity, document access, policy changes, and potential malicious activity.

Today we cover both business-to-business and business-to-consumer e.