Projector Model, CP-X Technology, 3LCD. Price, Brightness ( Manufacturer Claim), Brightness Description, N/A. Contrast Ratio, 15 pin D-Sub (DB), 19 pin HDMI Type A, 24+5 pin combined DVI, 4 pin mini- DIN, 9 pin D-Sub (DB-9), BNC, RCA, RJ, mini-phone stereo mm. Purpose . Hitachi CP-X (CPX) installation and conference projector. XGA ( *) resolution, ANSI Lumens, kg. Interchangeable lenses ().

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Optional Lenses With six optional bayonet lenses manufactured to Hitachi’s exacting standards, projection distances are now more flexible than ever, allowing these Professional Series Installation Projectors to fit easily into any hitachi cp-x10000 space.

Hitachi Digital Media Group. Hitachi has unveiled its Professional Series Installation Projectors. A inch screen image can be achieved from only one meter away from the screen with the Ultra Short Throw lens. These hitachi cp-x10000 are particularly suitable for rental service suppliers hitachi cp-x10000 need to have optional lenses on hand for venues of various sizes. Optional Lenses Comparison Table.

Thanks to its virtually maintenance free inorganic LCD panels and polarized filters; it demands no extra physical effort to invest. Hitachi cp-x10000 addition, focus, zoom and lens shift can be adjusted via the remote control. Write a review bevctqcfbbzuyvre.

In Standard operating mode it consumes a maximum of only watts to pump out those 7, lumens of projector power. Projector Hitachi cp-x10000 System 1. Overview Specifications Dealers Service Centres.

Mechanical Shutter The shutter mechanically blocks off light, acting as a valuable hiatchi for any presentation. The projector offers Lumens Brightness and hitachi cp-x10000 Of course the CP-X has the features you’ve come to expect from a hitachi cp-x10000 installation projector.

For such massive power your CP-X gets by on a minimum of energy.

Hitachi Projectors: Hitachi CP-X 3 LCD projector

Various hitachi cp-x10000 are easily differentiated by icons, and a horizontal slide bar makes for easy operation. See any errors on this page? From the front, the intake is on the left side, and the outtake is on the right side.

In auditoriums and convention hitachi cp-x10000 with stationary screens, the projector can now be placed hitaci among any number of possible locations. Hitachi Above Lumens Projector. Wider Lens Shift Cp-1×0000 Hitachi’s lens shift technology, the image range of movement grows even wider. Thanks to its 1. In total, each model can create hitachi cp-x10000, billion colors.

A hitachi cp-x10000 access panel allows for quick and easy filter replacement. The projector can cover a total range of 2. A rear access panel allows for quick and easy lamp replacement.

You can also send important announcements like scheduling information to several CP-Xs in multiple locations. Because of this unique construction, intervals between scheduled maintenance extend to five times longer, compared with those of conventional hybrid filters. Sign up Sign in. This series hitachi cp-x10000 boasts superb quality with an impressive contrast ratio of Hitachi Projector models. When operating multiple projectors, each ID can be changed, preventing malfunction.

The wide horizontal hitachi cp-x10000 vertical lens shift feature allows users to work around difficult spaces such as high ceilings and obstructions such as pillars.

Hitachi CP-X10000 Projector Specifications

It is possible to control a projector through a RSC cable. Every single product from this line bears the promise hitachi cp-x10000 Herculean performance with unmatched features.

Although the CP-X doesn’t come with a lens this gives you the opportunity to choose one of six bayonet lenses which cover a range from ultra short to ultra long, to best suit the needs hitachi cp-x10000 your space. We offer the largest vertical and horizontal optical hitachi cp-x10000 shift in the market to cp-x1000 bright and sharp images in complex or awkward spaces.

They, in turn, can hitachi cp-x10000 you individual status data detailing conditions like excessively high temperature, imminent lamp burn-out and other maintenance issues. Single lamp system, DT lamp wattage not specified Lamp life: Schools and exhibition hall users will find these projectors extremely useful as the projector can be used hitachi cp-x10000 virtually hitachi cp-x10000 sized room depending on the lens.

This function hitaci the need for an additional cable link between the computer and any other equipment. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Hitachi 5 Year s. Projector Accessories Reference Guide. This translates to longer operating life and enables installation of a stronger light source, achieving a greater level of brightness.

Hitachi CP-X10000

However, in order to control the projector remotely, it is necessary to use a LAN environment, which provides a wider variety of usage situations.

Up to ” Super hybrid Air Filter has superior longevity than other conventional filters. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. Not only does this simplify and reduce cabling and installation costs, but having individual RSC inputs and outputs allows you to daisy chain multiple Professional Series Installation Projectors together. For example, if a projector needs to be mounted from a high ceiling hitachi cp-x10000 be projected towards a lower screen, it is traditionally hitachi cp-x10000 to install a long ceiling mount kit or install the hitachi cp-x10000 at a declining angle and utilise keystone and digital process image correction.

Security Each projector is equipped with a security bar that allows easy attachment of a security chain as well as PIN lockouts. Network bridge is a Hitachi unique feature whereby equipment, such as Hitaachi tuners, connected to the projector with an Hitachi cp-x10000 cable, can be controlled by a computer simultaneously connected to the projector through the local area network.

This dramatically boosts reliability, hitachi cp-x10000 in an hitachi cp-x10000 filter that delivers over 10, maintenance-free hours. Vertical Projection Images can be projected at 90 degrees hitaxhi and down, opening up a whole new range of possible applications. Currently no service providers are available in Fremont.

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