21 Jul Paperback Incubus . Carol Goodman then her new – and rather strange – colleagues tell her a local legend about an incubus demon. Incubus is the first novel in the Fairwick Chronicles, a new urban fantasy series by award-winning mystery author Carol Goodman. Incubus (Fairwick Chronicles, book 1) by Carol Goodman – book cover, description, publication history.

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I’m going to start this review by telling you what I wish I knew when I started this book.

At the same time, Callie begins to experience some very erotic dreams of her own. In the salacious descriptions of Dalhia’s books? The Demon Lover brings out a really different paranormal being – the incubus. I know you finally made a decision but I guess I made mine.

The cutest familiar imaginable. And seriously, I want to be a literature professor of gothic literature! This book is not a romance. The relationship moves really fast. The story is in turns evocative, creepy, funny and bittersweet I think I wanted to cry at some point and I can’t remember when was the last time I felt absorbed by a book and couldn’t wait to find time to read the next pages.

Just when she feels she is settling in, Callie is visited by a demon lover that is determined to suck the life out of her. Each is fully fleshed out and adds to the compelling dynamics of both the world building and the mystery.

Read a free preview of Incubus by Carol Goodman. Would a different ending have given this book a higher rating? I am not sure if it was her personality or the overall writing of this character but Callie never evolved into a This book had such promise for me after reading the summary.

Incubus by Carol Goodman

But this one turned to lean more to the UF side and the romance, though incunus played an integral part to the plot wasn’t its linchpin. It was very hard to get through, and I almost didn’t finish it because it took me days to get to an exciting part of the story since I kept putting the book down.


I would not recommend this book as a paranormal romance. It’s not a problem of information overload and confusing plot, I have the attention span of a gnat and I kept track of everything just fine, it’s just too much at once, and not all of it relevant to the plot.

I need a happy ending. All the side characters were very interesting as well. I’d had this book on my Kindle for years and never got to it, so I thought maybe the audio would be I’ve never been a fan of Justine Eyre so I don’t know why I thought I could handle her narration here. It’s the perfect thing for me to read when I am having a little bit of Thomas Time. She just doesn’t seem to understand how to write moving plots or how to emotionally involve a reader in the work.

The weirdest thing though, is that by reading Dahlia LaMotte’s manuscripts, she discovers that she was being visited by a demon lover as well. You can find out more about Carol Goodman and her books at: This is not unlike what Callie experiences with her incubus in the first half of the book. Feb 07, Lauren rated it really liked it Shelves: See all 3 questions about The Demon Lover….

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Book Review: Incubus by Carol Goodman

Thank you to Netgalley and Random House for a review copy of this book. The only issue that actually hampered my enjoyment was a decision Callie made at the very end. The title of this book Frankenstein Mary Shelley 9.

Its just an awesome book. Its a must read. The writing is beautiful. Her strength of character comes to the fore as she faces not only the knowledge that the lover of her dreams is not what he seems, but also the darkness of her deepest thoughts and desires. It was hard to label this novel as paranormal romance because there wasn’t much romance in my opinion, but I have no idea what else to categorize it as, so I went with its most common label.


She goes there for the interview not really planning on accepting, until she becomes enchanted by an old victorian house that used to belong to Dahlia LaMotte, a famous writer of gothic romances in the middle of the 20th century.

It’s a cliffhanger; there is no HEA; and frankly, as annoyed as I am, I am having a hard time remembering the things I actually liked about this book. It is really nice how the town comes together to protect each other. Highly recommended to everyone who loves a good Adult Gothic Paranormal Romance. Incubus is the first novel in the Fairwick Chronicles, a new urban fantasy series by award-winning mystery author Carol Goodman. Wait, even at the end I still didn’t know what the point was.

A city of carnal nightmare and monstrous appetite, nowhere in all the worlds of empire will you find its equal. I shook my head.

Book review – Incubus by Carol Goodman | One More Page

Pen Name for Carol Goodman. This book shouldn’t be compared with Twilight or True Blood, it’s unique, beautifully written and extremely exciting! She’s 26, has a Ph.

Callie starts to feel like a heroine in one of the gothic novels she teaches as slowly it dawns on her that things at the college — and in her home — are not what they seem. Upon arriving in Fairwick Callie is drawn to this abandon house that rests at the edge of these spooky woods.

AwesomeSauce Book Club rated it really liked it. This could have been good. View all 8 comments. A perfect read for a rainy day!