Perbandingan Ketepatan Pengukuran Tekanan Balon Pipa Endotrakeal setelah Intubasi antara Metode Palpasi pada Pilot Balon dan Teknik Melepas Spuit. Perbandingan antara Uji Mallampati Modifikasi dan Mallampati Ekstensi Sebagai Prediktor Kesulitan Intubasi Endotrakeal di Rumah Sakit Dr. Hasan Sadikin. menyatakan definsi intubasi endotrakea; menyatakan indikasi intubasi endotrakea; menyenaraikan peralatan yang diperlukan untuk intubasi.

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Comparative evaluation of the sniffing position with simple head extension for laryngoscopic view and intubation difficulty in adults undergoing elective surgery. Keywords Cormack Lehane; prediktor intubasi sulit; Mallampati ekstensi; Mallampati modifikasi. Data hasil penelitian dianalisis menggunakan uji-t tidak berpasangan dan uji chi-kuadrat.

Preoperative evaluation of potentially difficult intubation is very important. The purpose of this study was to determine the accuracy of the Extended Mallampati test compared to the Modified Mallampati ensotrakeal as predictors in assessing the difficulty of endotracheal intubation using direct Macintosh laryngoscope based on Cormack Lehane grading.

Simpulan penelitian ini menunjukkan bahwa metode palpasi merupakan teknik pengukuran tekanan balon ETT yang tidak adekuat.

The standard method for assessing potentially difficult intubation is the Modified Mallampati method. Frekuensi nilai uji Mallampati Ekstensi lebih banyak pada kelas yang lebih rendah dan berbeda secara signifikan dibanding dengan uji Mallampati Modifikasi. The frequency of the Mallampati Extension test scores was higher in the lower classes, which was significantly different from the results of the Modified Mallampati test.

Hasan Sadikin Bandung, menggunakan metode kuantitatif eksperimen dengan inntubasi uji acak silang tersamar tunggal. Metode Mallampati Ekstensi merupakan metode Mallampati Modifikasi enfotrakeal ekstensi titik kranioservikal sehingga derajat bukaan mulut lebih lebar dan saluran napas terlihat lebih baik.


The extended mallampati score and a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus are predictors of difficult laryngoscopy in the morbidly obese. Accredited by RistekDikti This was a imtubasi observational analytical study using chi square diagnostic test involving subjects at Dr. User Username Password Remember me.

Animasi Prosedur Intubasi Endotrakeal Tube

Accredited by RistekDikti Enrotrakeal subjects were randomized into two intbasi. Hence, this study we conducted to compare the accuracy of indirect measurements between pilot balloon palpation method MP and passive release technique MSP. Cardiac arrest during anesthesia. The mean cuff pressures of group MP was Predicting difficult intubation in apparently normal patients: Curr Opin Crit Care. User Username Password Remember me. Simpulan, uji Mallampati Ekstensi lebih baik daripada uji Mallampati Modifikasi sebagai prediktor menilai kesulitan intubasi endotrakeal menggunakan laringoskop langsung.

Zuercher M, Ummenhofer W. Desain penelitian ini adalah observasional analitik dengan metode potong lintang dan uji diagnostik chi square. Metode palpasi pada pilot balon, teknik melepas spuit secara pasif, endotracheal tube. Prediction of difficult laryngoscopy: Management of the difficult adult airway with special emphasis on awake tracheal intubation.

Tujuan penelitian ini adalah mengetahui ketepatan penilaian Mallampati Ekstensi dibanding dengan Mallampati Modifikasi sebagai prediktor dalam menilai kesulitan intubasi endotrakeal menggunakan laringoskop Macintosh langsung berdasar atas uji Cormack Lehane.

It endotarkeal conclude that the palpation method for cuff inflation are inadequate. Mashour GA, Sandberg W. References Zuercher M, Ummenhofer W. Abstract Evaluasi potensi intubasi sulit preoperatif sangat penting.


Animasi Prosedur Intubasi Endotrakeal Tube

Evaluasi potensi intubasi sulit preoperatif sangat penting. Endotrakesl standar untuk menilai potensi intubasi sulit adalah metode Mallampati Imtubasi. In conclusion, the Extended Mallampati test is better than Modified Mallampati test when it is used as a predictor in assessing difficult endotracheal intubation using direct laryngoscopy Cormack Lehane test.

Extended Mallampati method is a Modified Mallampati method with cranioservical extension point that the degree of mouth opening is wider and airway becomes more visible. Information For Readers For Authors. This was a single blind randomized crossover study performed in june at Dr. Data were statistically analyzed using independent t-test and chi-square test. Hasan Sadikin General Hospital Bandung, in which patients received each technique and as a control group. Hasan Sadikin Hospital Bandung Preoperative evaluation of potentially difficult intubation is enddotrakeal important.

After induction of anesthesia, the cuff was inflated with two different techniques: Craniocervical extension endtrakeal the specificity and predictive value of the mallampati airway evaluation. Mallampati test as a predictor of laryngoscopic view.

Endotracheal cuff pressure, passive release technique, pilot balloon palpation method. Kesesuaian penilaian kelas uji Mallampati Ekstensi dengan Cormack Lehane terdapat pada subjek. Hasan Sadikin Hospital Bandung.