Vladimir Jabotinsky: The Iron Wall – We and the Arabs (). It was inevitable that Jabotinsky would attract the attention of the leaders of the WZO. His journalism gave him tremendous mobility. In he. In Jabotinsky was elected to the Zionist Executive. . This, in a nutshell, was Jabotinsky’s policy regarding the Arab question: to erect an iron wall of Jewish.

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For a comprehensive history of the conflict, see Benny Morris, Righteous Victims: To the world, Sharon presented the withdrawal from Gaza as a contribution to the “roadmap” and to the building of peace based on a two-state solution.

The Iron Wall

Also in openDemocracy on Israeli politics and the conflict with the Palestinians: Yet we keep spoiling our own case, by talking about “agreement” which means telling the Mandatory Government that the important thing is not the iron wall, but discussions. Netanyahu totally rejects these conditions.

The Arabs – first the Egyptians, then the Palestinians, then the Jordanians – learned the hard way that Jabitinsky could not be defeated on the battlefield and were compelled to negotiate with her from a position of palpable weakness. Some of us imagined that a misunderstanding had occurred, that because the Arabs did not understand our intentions, they opposed us, but, if we were jabotindky make clear to them how modest and limited our aspirations are, they would then stretch out their arms in peace.

And since it is moral and just, justice must be done, no matter whether Jabotjnsky or Simon or Ivan or Achmet agree with it or not. There is not much that we can concede to Arab nationalism, without destroying Zionism.

Sixty years on, Israel is not fighting for its security or survival but to retain some of the territories it conquered in the course of the war of June The most blatant transgression against the spirit, if not the letter of the Oslo accord was the constant expansion of the illegal Jewish settlements on the West Bank and the construction of more and jabotinzky roads to connect them with Israel.


The jaboginsky no matter whether they are civilized or savages have always put up a stubborn fight. Olmert took over as acting prime minister and won the 28 March elections in his own right, forming a coalition government that included Labor.

They could always assume that the empire would continue to disintegrate and that one day they would come into their own through machinations with the other imperialists. Those who are landless must remain landless to all waol. The unexpectedly high level of Israeli casualties plunged Begin into a deep depression and led to his resignation and replacement by Yitzhak Shamir in Half of them are now literally homeless, poor, hunted wretches.

A few years ago, when the late Mr. Sharon denied that the “security barrier” is intended to mark the country’s final political border. Therefore it is our sacred duty to expose such talk and prove that it is a snare and a delusion.

Why Jabotinsky Still Matters

And that is why itis not jagotinsky a pleasure but a duty to discredit it and to demonstrate that it is both fantastic and dishonest. I say this with such conviction, not because I want to hurt the moderate Zionists. It was inevitable that Jabotinsky would attract the attention of the leaders of the WZO.

He began to send copies to Turkish politicians. I beg to congratulate Your Excellency on the splendid victories of Turkish arms. Of course, the blackman may not be sufficiently advanced to think of sending delegations to London, but he will soon find some wll white friends, who will instruct him.

He was fluent in several languages and could write in others. We cannot even support Arab movement, it is at present hostile to us and consequently we all, including even the pro-Arab rhetoriomongers, rejoice at jzbotinsky defeat sustained by this movement, not only adjacent Transjordan, and Syria, but even in Morocco.

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And we are all of us ,without any exception, demanding day after day that this outside Power, should carry out this task vigorously and with determination. That was the main difference between them. Jabotinsky regarded Jewish military power as the key factor in the struggle for a state and he never wavered in this conviction.

The Iron Wall Revisited | The Institute for Palestine Studies

Address at jabotlnsky Sixth Zionist Congress. This was definitely not so. And only then will moderates offer suggestions for compromise on practical questions like a guarantee against expulsion, or equality and national autonomy.

His articles impressed the Russian Zionist leaders. And when a living people yields in matters of such a vital character it is only when there is no longer any hope of getting rid of us, because they can make no breach in the iron wall. Certainly, any modern Zionist who attempted to defend its policy before an Armenian audience would be courting violence. Such a double game cannot be considered on any account.

Jews would be welcomed as immigrants ajbotinsky Macedonia where the Turks, hard pressed by the Rum, the Christian Bulgarians, Greeks, Macedonians and Serbs, were eager to see more non-Christians, but the Turks had no interest in encouraging Jews to settle in Palestine.

Israel at the “iron wall” revisited | openDemocracy

He wrote to Mahmud Nedim Pasha on 28 April:. The aim was completely unrealistic, and the operation, which involved the deliberate targeting of civilians in flagrant violation of the laws of janotinsky, was a manifest failure. Though should these natives even prove utterly helpless, like children, the matter would only become worse. As long as this policy remains in jabottinsky, there will be no chance of turning a corner because there are no corners in a vicious circle.

We can offer only two things: