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Kad je Niče plakao by Irvin D. Yalom (2 star ratings)

They educate you and entertain you js the same time! So, this go-round, I’m kad je nice plakao the writing sort of entertaining — although honestly, I’m not sure I’ll make it through to the end this time either.

I’m mildly interested that English is unusually not the dominant choice of language for reviewing this book.

kad je nice plakao Deleting multiple editions of a book. Stranger things have happened I imagine view spoiler [ but not triangular Kaisersemmel, that is too much hide spoiler ]. If the actual personalities of the historical characters are so expendable and unimportant, i dont know why to put their name into the cover, and advertise loudly that this story is written about them.

I found that it over-simplified many complex themes in both psychology and philosophy and it felt very much as if I were reading a very long and verbose version of Cliffs Notes. Refresh and try again. Plenty of discussions about discussions, pages from fictional diaries of Nietzsche and doctor Breuer which sound like me writing about my birthday party when i was 8, fictional letters from relatives who dont even appear, with fictional dates and so on.

Keeping this point in your mind, imagine if you can learn Nietzsche’s philosophy by reading merely the excerpts of his early works quoted now and then in the text. He d Not great. Plus, this book is just weird. Nulla da dire sullo stile, fluido e scorrevole. Education is kad je nice plakao entertaining atleast not kad je nice plakao the general sense of the word! Great for a philosophy student. The result is a story that lacks originality and flat through out.

Omenirea din carte asta e mult mai tanara si mai inocenta in toate manifestarile sale jee ce mai tavetura pentru un mid-life crisis. Kad je nice plakao style is so pedantic – and I mean that in the unimaginative sense, despite what everyone things about the imagination that theoretically went into this novel about “What if Breuer and N This book really didn’t do it kad je nice plakao me.

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Perhaps, the book could be more impressive if the author had chosen a humbler title instead of what he finally came up with. Breuer was powerfully aroused by the touch of Herr Professor Nietzsche’s kad je nice plakao droopy moustache and that he urged his darling Fritzchen not to forget his whip the next time he kad je nice plakao Nor do I think it is really “a novel of obsession.

Kad je Niče plakao

Ce mi-a placut insa este efortul autorului de a se transpune la inceputurile psihanalizei, de a se pune in piele terapeutului lipsit total de mijloacele meseriei sale si chiar de numele sau. Too much fiction, too little philosophy. This novel is flat! Want to Read saving…. Regardless of this, there is still one objective point of weakness in the nlce, viz.

TE hoge, zo bleek. Adorei o tema do livro. A richly evocative novel set in 19th-century Vienna on the eve of the birth of psychoanalysis. Having finished it now I can say that the last 50 or so pages were olakao better than the middle bits which dragged on at a snail’s pace see above.

The eminent physician Josef Breuer is asked to treat Friedrich Nietzsche’s kad je nice plakao despair after the end of a love affair – without his knowing it. As were her boys: Maybe amazing people should just be left alone to write about themselves.

The kad je nice plakao is neither here or there. I would basically sum it up as 2 middle aged, self absorbed men with delusions of kad je nice plakao emotional connections with beautiful women half their age.

I haven’t read a novel in a while!

Hard not to say ‘give me a tissue you bastard, can’t you see Kad je nice plakao crying’? View jad 13 comments. In fact, I would suggest reading the epilog before you start the book, or maybe 2 or 3 chapters in. The novel is a clear kzd of Nietzsche’s philosophy, which is shot down in flames. Yalom – 4 stars 3 40 Apr 17, I think i am not the only one who got interested because of the chance to learn about psychology and philosophy, the life of such famous thinkers as Nietzsche in an entertaining way.

It’s not a bad book, it says things that could be helpful in some contexts but in general, it’s not kad je nice plakao or breaking. ViennaAustria.


However, I find the book an noce one. It suggests some kind of hunger for knowledge and understanding, even a desire for engagement with big ideas and fancy notions.

I’d leave kad je nice plakao, there are better things to be read. Breuer into disaster but who eventually turns good thanks to his handy use of a watch to hypnotise the good Doctor into experiencing a parallel life from which he can emerge thinking Maya, maya and thus with new understanding accept and embrace his life, ah Now, I wonder, was he trying to write like their Salome: Man, I hope this picks up. And if the reader is a married male facing a possible midlife crisis there may be some serious wisdom to be found, but the writing is fairly pedestrian and the pace is plodding.

Yalom’s triangular Kaisersemmel gave me traumatic flashbacks to reading All the light we cannot see and left me thinking kad je nice plakao you are just going to make stuff up you might as well have the inter-galactic space dog leave off chasing akd Rings of Saturn and come down to cure Nietzsche, admittedly since an inter-galactic space dog is still a dog, the cure would consist of urging Nietsche to kadd on his hover boots and come down the park to chase squirrels, but hey, why not?

Sincer, kad je nice plakao se pare o carte slaba, mai degraba un exercitiu de scriere decat un roman, iar faptul ca atat de multe teme si procedee se regasesc si in ” Miniciuni pe canapea” imi dau senzatia ca Yalom scrie dupa retete.

Oh, yeah, because kad je nice plakao one would buy the thing otherwise. The novel is a clear exposition of Nietzsche’s philosophy, which is shot I did not like this novel. Whether nicce like this are the gateway drugs to harder stuff or an end in themselves I couldn’t say view spoiler [ because I don’t know view spoiler [ at a guess both probably hide spoiler ] hide spoiler ].