The Kiriji War is the term used to describe a series of conflicts spanning roughly 16 years ( – ) between two powerful Yoruba. He is worthy of mention because he was the Kakanfo in office when again, several parts of Yorubaland were at war — the Kiriji War, said to be. A look into KIRIJI war; an epic battle in the Yoruba history, among Yoruba people.

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The grounding space is still there till today. But despite the rich history, traditional and cultural backgrounds of the Kiriji War site, the enclaves remain relatively desolate. Some Ibadan supplies were able to get through via Ijebu.

Asisting giripas from Akoko,ondo town,Akure,owo,Yagba,even Ikale and Ilaje they will come in through Ogupa river,you know they love water Lol! Momo tpia why attack me? In kiruji, Akitoye gained the support of the British at Badagry.

Latoosa: The Kakanfo that triggered Kiriji War – Vanguard News Nigeria

After the attitude of the administration started to change. The same dar was apparent in other areas of public life. We had his sword, but it seems to be “missing” from our family compound. And in klriji bids to sustain and maintain its hold on outer territories, the Ibadan posted Ajele to far-flung areas where its influence ruled the day. The victory was complete. They could stay there for abut three weeks. It is an open mountain to which warriors go to ground tobacco.


Also, there is a rock called Okuta Alabahun Tortoise Rock.

He had to enroll into the Ibadan upper Army Unit meant for outstanding soldiers. It was formally called Eleriko which supplied water to both the Ibadan and Ekiti Parapo Confederate camps. Subscribe to our email newsletter. It became an important communications center, and under strong leadership it prospered.

Say no to the above. He could not go to school because schooling and formal education was unknown to Ijesaland then.

He was a popular ruler; never afraid of war. He was said to have died at the camp located in Igbajo.

Kiriji War – The Sun Nigeria

The story of a legendary tortoise Oodutor August 24, You may check out for books written by Prof Emeritus J.

Aare Latosa gave him the necessary trainings and equipments to make him up. During the consular period the merchants and the administration had united against the missions over their policy towards Kosoko. Each group sought alliances from wherever it could find any to protect itself. The Oyo Yoruba had come to dominate the political life of the town, and a political system gradually evolved which was well suited to military expansion Awe, He was eventually killed at Kiriji.

Why tourism should be included in orientation camp for corps…. The forces of Ibadan victorious in detail a force of rebellious Yorubas including soldiers from IlorinEkitiIla and Ijesha.

The implications of the events of the 19th century for the direction of change in the 20th were profound. After initial setbacks, Islam made rapid strides, especially in areas with populations originating from Oyo. It was here that captain Bower realized the prowess of Ogedengbe as a great man. Ijesa and Ekiti took advantage of this war and declared their independence in Attempts at mediation had started as early as Firstly, there was the changing political status of Lagos which was separated from the Gold Coast in Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Their strategy was therefore to act as spokesmen on behalf of the towns where they worked, and to oppose the more aggressive measures of the Lagos administration.


The subordinate towns controlled by Ibadan came to be administered through officials called Ajele, a system similar to that of the former Oyo empire Awe, After the revolt, things fell apart and the centre of love, peace brotherliness and unity could no longer hold.


Ajele was called to protect the interest of Ibadan in barely all Yoruba land to rule the conquered territories on behalf of Ibadan. It is the place for commanding tower for the army of the Ekiti Parapo and they waited for him to command and communicate to the commanders. Attempts were made to parliate Ogedengbe to come back to Ilesa and help them fight the Ibadan.

The causes of the war were numerous and each group involved as parties believed they were klriji.