This user manual will explain to you how to install a motorised installation with a motor ref: Such installation needs some operations, on the motor, but. Please watch the video above then follow the following steps carefully to get your motorized system installed quickly. If you have any questions, visit our forums. Setting Up a Dish And Motor. How does a dish and Motor work? A dish and motor setup needs at least a 27 inch dish we recommend at least a 33 inch dish and.

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The uasls specifications and operating methods. The Outdoor unit assembly The Indoor unit assembly The outdoor unit assembly consists of: Assembling Toroidal Thanks for choosing Toroidal.

In the case of Satcontrol motor, it will move all the way to East then move to 0-position. This operating manual will. It is istallation with the rotational axis of the. Using a wrench may over-tighten the connections, causing damage. But recently I ve had a few people complaining that we didn t provide fitting More information.

The prime intention of this project was to design a small radio telescope, which can be assembled and used by school More information.

Page 2 2 Installation. You simply disconnect the cable from the LNBF. See users forum and post your question there: With Toroidal dish, you are aiming for more than 1 satellite and therefore. The motor will automatically be driven to the calculated position. True South for Chicago isfor San Francisco is Make every effort to align dish, lnbf arm, and motor on the same straight line.

Complete instructions on how to use the system are More information. If you do some of these procedures carelessly, you could injure or.


How to Install and Align a Diseqc Motor – Free-to-air Television Information

Type the address of installation place address page 4. N and your Longitude. With the satellite meter still connected select a Western satellite and move the dish west. It is important to follow the instructions carefully to. Click instaloation “Motorized Systems”. Installing the Motor 1.


So for Athlone the adjusted declination angle is 23 degrees i. Make it easy for yourself Make it easy for yourself www. Approximate Dish Elevation Angles for Ireland. The prime intention of this project was to design a small radio telescope, which can be assembled and used by school.

The motor gets its power from the receiver using the same coaxial cable running from the receiver to the LNBF on the dish. What could cause a HH motor not to operate properly? The smart sensor has a plug-in modular connector that allows it to be added easily to a HOBO Station.

Most diseqc motors use a special adjusted declination angle formula based on the tilt of the rotating motor shaft which will again be specified in your manual. A compass or the position of the sun may be useful in locating true south. The technical specifications and operating methods included in this manual are. That means More information. Main menu operation description. Select your installation site carefully!!! The manual for the motor will tell you what to set this angle to or alternatively, you can use the following table: Coax is not connected correctly to motor or receiver Cable is too long over 75ft There is a bad connector or short in connector Motor needs to be reset to the Zero position.


Well, by adding a motor to your system you will be able to receive satellite channels from several satellites instead from one only. When the motor stops, check the signal meter on your TV screen. Attach the Diseqc motor to the pole – tighten the motor fittings. Do It Yourself Guide More information. Re-connect the receiver to the H-H Motor.

Some motors even include the latitude markings as an additional aid. S et the elevation angle for the motor. Rotate the dish and motor until you see activity on the signal meter – loosen the pole fittings slightly and installatkon slowly both the dish and motor on the pole until the signal meter is at a maximum.


It is important to follow the instructions carefully to More information. Step by step guide to installing your own Ku Band satellite dish If you don’t feel comfortable installing your own system, your local TV Aerial or Handyman can easily follow these helpful guidelines for.

All trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners. New standard antenna More information. Affordable Small Radio Telescope. Steps to a successful motorized system installation: Fit the H-H Motor onto the mast and do the nuts up finger tight.

This guide provides various procedures. Before you can proceed with the installation you must get the following information: The following diagram will help you to locate any faults.