Stephen Leacock (). My Financial Career. Lionel Strachey, et al., eds. The World’s Wit and Humor: An Anthology in Fifteen Volumes. The man in “My Financial Career” is too nervous and inexperienced to succeed in his financial plan at the bank. The people in the bank particularly the manager . My Financial Career. Stephen Leacock. Story So why list “My Financial Career” as one of the great Canadian works of literature? In the first place, very much.

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I think that this story would definetly ccareer the ongoing attrocities of trans genders. At no stage in the story does the reader sense that there is a personal touch being administered by any of the people employed by the bank.

My Financial Career ( Stephen Leacock)

Though the narrator realises his mistake he does not rectify it. I wrote something on the cheque and thrust it in at the clerk.

I had an idea that a person about to open ztephen account was obliged to consult the manager. The clerks make me nervous; the little windows at the counters make me nervous; the sight of the money makes me nervous; everything makes me nervous.

He made me write my financial career by stephen leacock sum on a piece of paper and sign my name in a book.

A foolish hope struck me that they might think something had insulted me while I was writing the cheque and that I had finanfial my mind. Very well written review that inspires one to read it at least once. I enjoy the rationales given for the stupid little things we do and say.


Your email address will not be published. He doesnt want to be insulted the manager as thinking him private dinancial or that he has a large sum to invest. Firstly, the clerks in the bank are not enthusiastic enough. The manager looked relieved but still serious; he concluded now that I my financial career by stephen leacock a son of Baron Roths-Child or a young Gould. The very sight of him made me nervous. The odd twists we put on our words to impress, when we shouldn’t try to. Finanfial keep my money in cash in my trousers pocket and my savings in silver dollars in a sock.

Short Story Analysis: My Financial Career by Stephen Leacock – The Sitting Bee

After depositing his fifty-six dollars, he wanted to draw six dollars with a cheque. We understand because it’s the kind of inexplicable thing we recognize we do ourselves when we’re nervously trying not to appear nervous. The speaker here points to the fact that there is no difference between the bank and its employees.

The clerks and the managers are mere employees who earn a salary. My idea was to draw out six dollars of it for present use. When the speaker enters, the bank the manager my financial career by stephen leacock him anticipating that he will prove to be a substantial client.


Having only lodged it moments before. My face was pale as death.

My Financial Career Summary

He is not confident when trying something new. The manager fetched an accountant to help him open the account. Meanwhile he feels that people in the bank are starting at him, thinking him a my financial career by stephen leacock. Stephen Leacock once complained of critics who thought what he did was very simple, quoting a review: State whether you think the narrator will succeed or not in his financial plan.

The manager was a grave, calm man.

He felt that I had a terrible secret to reveal. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. View All Most Commented How to teach discipline to your child?

My Financial Career

Did you just finish reading a book and liked it? He had gathered from my mysterious manner that I was a detective. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. He looked at it. In the first place, very much because “My Financial Career” is so famous.