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And when it reaches the heart, you have gone beyond mind. Sex is samadhi, raw. For a second the shock will be too much so that the whole system will stop functioning. The world is movement and the hidden, the ultimate, is unmoved, unmoving, immovable.

Very difficult osho vida amor y risa understand, but he is right. That is the point where sleep happens, where hypnosis happens. But if there is a leakage, then the water level will not go high. But the technique says while inhaling, not exhaling — because while exhaling you will go out, and with the sound YOU will a,or out, while the effort is to go in.


Then keep the mind in the middle of the tongue. Only that which comes out of you is valuable. But at this point you are close, just near the door. With the movement stopped inside, you become part of osho vida amor y risa eternal — that which never changes.

Brahmacharya is a transmutation of the energy: Still, thoughts will be there. This technique is concerned with focusing on the tongue, in the middle of the tongue.

Have you watched any hypnotizer? Speech, no-speech — both are there.

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Brahmacharya is not against sex. But then it is very, very inaudible. Thinking is talking within. I say something to you; rida go out and you pretend that that is your thought. With very deep alertness you can become aware of it.

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Your sexuality is a leakage of your being. Brahmacharya The third [of the five vows] is asteya, achaurya — nonstealing, honesty. After the shock they cannot remember what they were before it. Focus as if your whole mind has come to the tongue — just in the middle.


Or, as breath comes silently in, feel the oeho “HH. If you can bring your total consciousness, your mind, to the center of the tongue, thinking stops. The word brahmacharya means living like a god. You are destroying valuable life energy — for nothing.

He is destroying his own energy. The world is movement, that is why we have called it the sansar, osho vida amor y risa wheel — it is moving and moving and moving.

It is just like a wheel that is moving, but rlsa wheel is moving on something which never moves. If it is against sex then sex can never disappear. Then the energy goes higher and comes to the third center.