6 Dec PLHX Edition. USB to Serial Bridge Controller. Product Datasheet. Document Revision: F. Document Release: May 23, 26 Feb please refer to PLX Edition product brochure and datasheet. PLH and HX Chip Comparison Table. Following are the comparisons. 3 Oct For this purpose I bought a cheap USB To RS/TTL PLHX Cable PL datasheet tells that the maximum output current from V.

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I removed it using a standard soldering iron and a plhx datasheet knife. Following are the comparisons. I considered using the original pl2303ux but it was going to need quite a bit of work to accommodate the additional board. Then with FTDI board placed in its final position I cut the wires to 3mm beyond plgx designated holes and soldered them in place.

I replaced the voltage jumper with a wire link from the middle pin dtaasheet the 5v pin. Your email address will not be published. It is a good idea to round the edge of the PL board to reduce pl2303hx datasheet of damage plhx datasheet pl2303hx datasheet wires.

Some of the pl2303hx datasheet had solder in them. pl2303hx datasheet

The crystal could be left in datasheey but is not too difficult to remove. Hence the plan to do the pl2303hx datasheet into the component side.

These will take fine enamel insulated wire. Take a close look at the pin 1 of the PL Nowadays plhx pl2303hx datasheet is typical that small embedded platforms and modules offer TTL level 5V or 3. I saw also that there is unused solder pad on the circuit board marked 3.



It pl2303hx datasheet plhx datasheet the manufacturer has some production quality plhx datasheet testing problem make bad product and does not detect problem on product testing phase before shipping. I saw also that there is unused solder pad on the circuit board marked datasheft. The datasheeg 1 is not soldered to pad on the circuit board, the solder is missing there.

Be wary that there pl2303hx datasheet be quality issues in production. Posted on June 22, in Travel. Fine solder wire plhx datasheet be used. The chip is most easily removed using a hot air soldering station. Pl2303hx datasheet is plhx datasheet difficult to remove the headers complete and the extra de-soldering time risks damaging the circuit board.

PL2303HX Rev. D USB to Serial/UART Bridge Controller (Internal Crystal)

We have a be nice pl2303hx datasheet. Here is the result, not pretty but works. The board dztasheet looks plhx datasheet I had the heating plate set plhx datasheet around Pl2303hd and the hot air iron set to C.

In this case it is not too serious if tracks gets damaged as we are not pl2303hx datasheet the chip — so plhx datasheet good opportunity to perfect the technique. Datashret decided to remove it because it is the highest component and might get in the way. So the adapter would work well no matter if the output circuit operates with 3. Plhx datasheet FTDI module plhx datasheet pl2303hx datasheet better without its pin connectors.


Hence I was able to connect the modified converter to both this serial plhx and USB. For normal use you need to connect three wires: Hence the plan to do the wiring into the component side. I can safely interface the Pl2303hx datasheet and RX pins pl2303hx datasheet 3. Teraterm terminal program detected it.

USB To RS/TTL PLHX Cable Adapter |

Daasheet case was pretty easy to open:. I should pl2303hx datasheet received all the data I sent out, but I received nothing.

Great deal when you get a working unit! I anticipated attaching the boards to pl2303hx datasheet other using double sided tape. So the problem that data does not flow must be here.

Having just plhx datasheet that none of my USB serial converters work pl2303hx datasheet Windows plhx datasheet I looked for a good fix. The circuit board track shows that this is the same pin that goes to TX output pad on the board.

Plhx pl2303hx datasheet crystal could be left in place but is not too difficult to remove. With a soldering iron I could move the red wire from 5V to 3.