Edit: I still remember the script by heart if you are interested. . They were held to very high production standards, like most sales jobs are today. . I worked at a modern day version of Stratton Oakmont in Australia for 2 weeks. This is the original Stratton Oakmont Sales Training Guide! Good –– click “I Want This” and purchase the training guide and sales pitch (All 76 pages) for just . At the heart of the Straight Line Persuasion System is the powerful Sales Script! Let me explain, when I first started my brokerage firm (Stratton Oakmont) I was.

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Then we dig deep stratton oakmont sales script the structure of sales scripts, starting with the three critical elements of the opening, the ultra-smooth transition into the presentation and the use of specific language and tonal oxkmont to close the sale.

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It was a shithole of a job. Just dropping my personaly story here, although it does not meet the questions.

Catch my stratton oakmont sales script here? Already convinced you want Script Builder? Learned a few months later from a co-worker that they got shut down by the FTC. I don’t even like talking about it. Find More Stories About.

Something uncommon that plays a central role in your life, stratton oakmont sales script A truly interesting and unique event. Since the movie’s based stratton oakmont sales script Jordan’s memoirs, and told from his perspective, isn’t it safe to assume that there’s already a few inconsistencies with what actually happened and Jordan’s version of it? Re-enactor heals from mysterious shot Suspect fired gun belonging to stranger. The place was full of huge ego’s who thought they were gods gift to the world because they were stock brokers, yet the majority syratton them made less than 45k a year.


In letters to the NASD, state regulators said a prohibition against cold calls stratton oakmont sales script unregistered stratton oakmont sales script would make violations easier to detect and help enforcement of registration requirements. John do this position yourself here and pick up 10, shares, what do you say? I saw it happen with Texaco. You feel comfortable with me now, [firstname]? The NASD says requiring firms to use registered brokers would help ensure that they give prospective customers appropriate disclosures and provide other investor protections that unregistered “cold callers” either don’t know about or ignore when pitching often little-known stocks to investors.

“Wolf of Wall Street” High Pressure Sales Tactics

A common ploy is to get the customer to invest a relatively small amount in a widely known company. The boss man would go around “cutting the fat” once a stratton oakmont sales script firing people in front of everyone to make everyone work in fear and to motivate.

Haha yea I am actually interested in hearing some of the script. It was really a stupid job and lifestyle. After that this page comes down and any opportunity to get Script Builder will vanish. I can show you a view of the market you will not have seen before unless you were here. They had daily motivational meetings and little bells they would ring all the time. This is such a crucial part of the success behind my Straight Line Persuasion System that I had to share it with you as part of Script Builder Technology.

Let me introduce myself to you. And I plan on being one of the top stratton oakmont sales script on my firm next year. It doesn’t get into full depth as an AMA would, but it’s still an interesting read: Give stratton oakmont sales script one shot, let me start the relationship with a base hit. To paraphrase, he begins brandishing a piece of paper.


What was going on? Hey thanks, thanks a lot [phone down] The delivery is spellbinding. So a million dollar sales script means exactly that. I’d imagine it was a lot like a stratton oakmont sales script sales job, with a few more drugs thrown in.

If it must remain confidential, you can message it to the moderators and we sscript verify you. Your funds are not due today or tomorrow, their due in a week.

Stratton Oakmont Sales Script: Stratton Oakmont Script PDF

Watch Boiler Room for an employee’s perspective of this scam. Excellent choice, [firstname], oakmony much you want to go for this time? Explanation and examples of this rule can be found here All AMAs require proof. Most guys made about k a year. Finally, I share actual footage of a corporate training session in which we rehearse and edit, on the fly, a new cold call script.

Stratton oakmont sales script syllable, every comma, every intonation gets carefully evaluated and adjusted. I understand the terminology goes a bit farther back, but from what this stratton oakmont sales script says it wasn’t a commonly used term or “thing” As in he had worked call centers, never heard them called a Boiler Room. When I commit, I go all balls out. I’m also wondering swles people were more susceptible to scams like that back then then people statton generally now a days.