How to enable user registration and password encryption · How WaveMaker provides support for password encryption · How to Handle Error Situations in. 26 Oct WaveMaker is a RAD platform to develop and deploy web and mobile applications. This document is intended to be a walkthrough of the. 8 Jul A Prefab can be built which shows all comments made on the document, retrieving them from an API. Prefab can be associated with the context.

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Prefabs – Custom Widgets & Extensions – WaveMaker

Manager of wavmeaker employees can approve or reject the leaves applied. Any other events that have been defined by the Prefab developer will also be listed and these can be handled by the user. Prefab is a reusable, API-integrated component that can be used across apps. With the dawn of cloud computing and proliferation of apps, companies are exchanging data and services at an evergrowing rate. A Prefab can be built wavemaker documentation shows all comments made on the document, retrieving them from an API.

Prefabs — Wavemaker documentation Widgets 4. Extend functionalities of existing apps.

Mobile App Development 1. This application maintains an inventory of the assets provided to the employees and keeps track of the requests wavemaker documentation for assets from various employees of the organization and assigns them accordingly. Description giving a wavemaker documentation description of the project as entered at the time of wwvemaker creation which can be modified.

Once you purchase the app, you can continue app development and deployment. Know more about Prefab settings. Themes are style elements which work at the widget or UI wavemaker documentation level.


From Apps wavemaker documentation, you can access Sample Apps, which can be accessed from your account and wavemakwr with. To start on the trial version of WaveMaker Online, visit www.

Within this app or other apps wherever file wavemaker documentation are shown, this wavemaker documentation could be simply reused. Widgets get their data from backend Services through binding to Variables. By using our website you agree to the use of cookies as described in our Privacy Dockmentation.

Loosen up or lose out

wavemaker documentation Variable holds the actual data to be rendered by the widgets. Building Hybrid Wavemaker documentation Apps 1. They are reusable, API-integrated components that can be used across apps.

Start free trial Request Demo. See the owners and contributors; the owner of the project can add or remove members and change the role. File Structure for Prefabs When a prefab is imported into a project, it places the prefab content into the folder: You can view and change project details and settings from the Project Settings dialog. For a member, this option is replaced with Leave project. Creating Platform-specific installer 3. Re-usable arrangement of one or more widgets in the page content that together capture wavemaker documentation purpose of the page.

APIs docuentation increase agility by de-coupling and documentagion business processes. A Dashboard will show the requests and assignments of devices made department wise and also assets wise. For example, multiple apps in an organization could wavemaker documentation using the same database wavemaker documentation the same security mechanism.

Publishing Prefabs Once you have created a Prefab, it needs to be published in order for the apps to use it. You only need a way to action them. Wavemaker documentation Widgets — Prefabs 9. Ability to export a project as a zip file without opening the project.

Additionally, configure APIs via a visual environment. Once you sign-up wavemaker documentation WMO, you are on a wavemaker documentation day trial period. By using our website you agree to the use of cookies as described in our Privacy Policy. This works in conjunction with the Localization.


See here wavemaker documentation project recovery options. Wavemaker documentation the user running the WaveMaker app has language preference set in their browser and that language is supported by the app i. It gives the details of each application in your account, the plan they are under, the status of wavemakef plan and option to renew the subscription. Empower citizen developers inside your enterprise. Ideally, new pages should be created for separate business rules.

Reference Templates Re-usable arrangement of one or more widgets in the wavemaker documentation content that together capture documeentation purpose of the documentatiob. Mobile App Development 1. The Configuration Profiles allows one to run the same application under different documentattion with different configurations. Reference Widgets UI components for user interaction and responsive design. It can interact with APIs and data on the web. During this period your developer team can develop, test-run and collaborate applications.

Visit our jumpstart to know about app building process and create a simple app. How to capture user selection How to handling dynamic data How to displaying custom data. App components to organize data display using widgets and to define the workflow through interlinking. The package prefix is generated by concatenating the wavemaker documentation and project name.

Creating Platform-specific installer 3.