Grating, handrail, screens & flooring for access systems, civil drainage & other applications in SouthEast Asia including Malaysia, Singapore, & more. The Webforge Civil drainage range, including sump grates, trench grates and access Webforge carries a wide range of grating and civil drainage stock, across. Webforge Contents. FLOORING For Civil Products see separate brochure .. this brochure, Webforge takes no responsibility for loss resulting from relying on.

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Steel Grating – Available Patterns from Webforge

These patterns are the most commonly specified and installed. Webforge has extensive experience in manufacturing and supplying both fully customised access systems and individual components for implementation in a variety of safe access applications.

Serrations are not as effective in the D pattern because of the pitch of the cross rods. Webforge Aquadrain drainage channels webforge catalogue well suited for car parks, pedestrian shopping precincts, service station forecourts and driveway crossovers.

This range is ideal in areas which do not have to withstand high impacts or heavy loading. In webforge catalogue steel and stainless steel grating can improve its slip resistance by setting the direction of walking over the floor, parallel to the load webforge catalogue.

Webforge is a global supplier webforge catalogue the grating and safety barrier markets, supplying some of the largest projects, worldwide. We webforge catalogue fabricated custom projects directly to your door within weeks, depending on the destination.

If your application needs to meet AS Clause 4. This product is frequently specified for conveyor walkways and floors in crusher buildings, process plants and transfer stations.


Producing the engineering and drafting services to complete the solution. Fixing Clips For webforge catalogue of the full range of fixing clips and accessories, please click webforge catalogue. Serrations are not as effective in the B pattern because of the pitch of the cross webforge catalogue. Meanwhile we manage small, fast turnaround jobs closer to home, to ensure you meet client requirements.

The Webforge Group has in excess of 70 years experience as a specialist manufacturer of metal grating for flooring and allied webforge catalogue vatalogue various national and international standards. The large square webforge catalogue nominally 60 x 50 allow most materials to fall through the grating, thus keeping the walking surface clear and safe.

A Comprehensive Range of Steel Grating Solutions Stock Panels or Fabricated Systems Webforge grating is manufactured in numerous combinations of load bar depth and thickness; load bar and cross rod pitch.

Webforge also has catalouge capacity to custom manufacture grating profiles to suit project specific requirements. Webforge grating is manufactured in numerous combinations of load bar depth and webforge catalogue load bar and cross rod pitch. Managing quality and production controls to deliver the grating package to your requirements. Webforge offers a broad selection of highway safety barrier products including w-beam guardrailEzy-Guard webforge catalogue and guardrail terminal ends.

F pattern grating has been specifically developed for the mining industry where spillage of material onto floors webforge catalogue a problem. The slip resistance of the flooring and walkway profile is webforgs essential consideration in any project. Pattern F F pattern grating has been specifically developed for the mining industry where spillage of material onto floors is a problem.


webforge catalogue

Webforge grating patterns meet AS Clause 3. Our project management service ensures peace webforge catalogue mind. This type of grating with its 30mm load bar centres has the greatest resistance to surface impact. Webforge steel grating profiles feature a high-load design well suited for outdoor webforge catalogue access systems.

Slip Resistance — choosing the right top surface The slip resistance of the flooring and walkway profile is an essential consideration webforge catalogue any project. Serrations are not as effective in the F pattern because of cataloguf pitch of the cross rods.

Stanchion Specifications

Webforge provides a range of expanded mesh screening products for use as walkways, fencing, webdorge barriers and other applications. Pattern choice is also important; patterns with mm cross rod centres ie Pattern A and C have better slip resistance than those with crossrods at 50mm centres.

Webforge catalogue and durable, Webforge Monowills tubular handrail and handrail stanchions are easy to install and economically webforge catalogue. In order to increase slip resistance there webforge catalogue a number of options available for consideration, especially for sloping walkways.

Unique in the ANZ market, we’re able to manage the complete catallgue chain to offer our customers the best tailored solution. Standard steel grating comprises plain square edge flat bars.